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Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx Pro Inertia-Lites


The Pro Inertia-Lite wheels weigh in at 1.8 g and retain all of the lettering and numbering inside so they will meet many Pack, District and Council Rules.


4x wheels for list price.

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Mold Match BSA Machines Lathed Wheels.

Outer Hub step have been machined and removed.

Wheels retain all of the lettering and numbering inside

Inner Hub has been reamed true to matching diameter Inner wheel has been milled to reduce weight.

Lighter Wheel weight than stock BSA wheels, decreasing rotational inertia, thus allowing quicker starts and overall times. Can be run as is, or polished with Novus / plastic polish to remove micro scratches. You choose! This set of wheels usually yield an increase of speed by reducing on average 0.02 seconds in time with properly tuned car. Listening to a set of these wheels run, you can tell they are in a league of their own!

On a Builders NOTE…. You will need a set of pliers to pull the axles once installed. Because the wheels have been ligthend, you can no longer pull the axle out by the wheel. You will bend/warp out of round. Then the wheel will not roll correctly and you just wasted $$$. Please dont let this be I told you so moment.


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Pinewood Derby ® Wheels and Axles

My proven and tested theory shows that you can get the most of of your Pinewood Derby ® car with my Pinewood Derby ® speed axles and Pinewood Derby ® speed wheels while still being 100% legal ! Complete Sets with axles, wheels, cotton applicators, gap gauge, and dry graphite lube. Speeds measured at bottom of curve reaching 17fps with speeds of up to 15.5fps at the last 10 feet of track.
Top speeds are achieved with lighter wheels. Go as light as your rules allow!


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