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After looking over products in Hobby Lobby and hearing a mother state I just wish there was some way that I could just buy one of these cars already made, I decide to give it a try. 2018 will be an exciting season for me as my techniques are refined even more. I will hopefully have a lineup of new wheels to offer.

What I do offer is plain and simple. No fancy sales pitches. No smoke and mirrors. I show you the track I test the cars on. I show you the times that the car your are bidding on runs. I use the products that I sell and I do not hide “secrets” to make just my cars fast.  If you haven’t seen the Derby Dust Xlite 1.3g Wheels, give them a look over. Getting faster results with a lighter wheel.

The car design I use is one that is published from another website. It gives very specific step by step build instructions.

Since the 2011-2012 season, every single car will has had a video of a test run. This verifies that the car you received is running at the stated speeds in which I promised.

I now offer tuning service. As it used to be free, I have to charge now as lots of people took me up on this offer. It takes away from my production time. Tuning costs starts at $60 includes polishing axles, wheels, and getting the car tuned to the top performance based on wheel weight. Extra costs may incur if you would like upgrades. Will be discussed prior to build.

Hello there. We have began our summer break. It is time that I spend with my family minus business. We will be closed until August 1rst. We will be unable to make or test any cars during this time. We have added a cnc laser to our mix of tools. We will be able to produce ladder cars and balsa fenders fenders for the upcoming season. Dismiss