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Pinewood Derby Car Gap Gauge Perfect Gap™ Wheel Tool


Get the right gap everytime without damaging your wheels!

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1.397 mm  Precision wheel  gap gauge.  Gives you more than a credit card, but less than 2 credit card widths.  We believe this is the best possible gap for wheels.   Does not mar or damage your wheels or body of your car unlike the metal counterpart.  Will work with most car designs.

Super simple. Super affordable! Have it in less than a week!

Hammer axle down until shim is snug,, then remove shim.  You have a 1.397 mm  gap for super fast speed.


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Pinewood Derby ® Wheels and Axles

My proven and tested theory shows that you can get the most of of your Pinewood Derby ® car with my Pinewood Derby ® speed axles and Pinewood Derby ® speed wheels while still being 100% legal ! Complete Sets with axles, wheels, cotton applicators, gap gauge, and dry graphite lube. Speeds measured at bottom of curve reaching 17fps with speeds of up to 15.5fps at the last 10 feet of track.
Top speeds are achieved with lighter wheels. Go as light as your rules allow!


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