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Pinewood Derby Tungsten Cubes 1/4 inch


These Derby Dust® Pinewood Derby Tungsten Cubes are 1/4 inch square (0.25″ x 0.25″ x 0.25″) and weigh approximatley 0.168oz each.

12 cubes – 2 oz. Package

Tungsten is the world’s 4th heaviest metal. It weighs up to 1.8x as much as lead and over 3x the weight of the Zinc/Pewter weights. This is the perfect weight for Pinewood Derby Cars.

Tungsten is a safe non-toxic metal.

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Tungsten Cubes are one of the easiest ways to add weight to your Pinewood Derby Car. With tungsten being 1.7 times denser than lead and over 2 times denser than zinc the Incremental Tungsten Cube kit makes adding plenty of weight to your derby car.

Each 2 oz. Tungsten Cube Kit contains 12 pieces of precision sized 1/4inch high density, tungsten:

It takes approximately 4 oz to weigh a smaller profile car such as our slim wedge. Larger cars will take less.


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