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EZ Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physic’s Lecture


EZ car bodies are the next step in plug and play bodies. These are bodies only. If you are needing a complete kit, please check out that section.

Ready for you to paint and race. 5 minute axle install! All the tools we think are necessary.

As you can see, these bodies have all the tricks of the trade, built in. Your first kit should do you well. After learning all the tips, use the tooling for your next build. Or better yet, use this kit as a guide for building a companion car.

Scroll down to see details and video of how easy it is to put the car together.

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We took the guess work out for you.  These are fast cars, time after time.  They are built for one thing in mind, speed. We will keep it simple as we can.  We will simply say fast or faster.

Designed as a simple straight axle install.  No bent axles are necessary.


YouTube Video


Choose Type of Wheel base

Choose 3 wheel center rail riding car or all 4 wheel touching car.

Pinewood derby Body BSA Legal.
Weighted to 4.80oz
Tungsten Putty provided for final weight
Foil Tape provided to cover weight hole to keep within BSA rules
BSA Slots will be predrilled for EZ axle install.
Axle holes can be predrilled to add rear canter for additional speeds if your pack allows.
Front Right Axle Drilled at a slight left steer to guide towards center rail Fr 

Pitstop Station to help put it all together-optional (reccomend)
Axle install tool to help push in the axles-provided
Gap Gauge-provided

Additional Products Needed:

  • Primer and Paint of Choice
  • Cyanoacrylate Glue (i.e. Super Glue, we prefer glue called FUSION glue)

How its made…..

First the body is ran through our dedicated CNC slot router to benchmark for perfect axle drilling for each unique body.  Once referenced, camber holes are drilled with Proxxon Precision drill presses.  Each drill press does a dedicated job meaning 100% accuracy for each task every time.  Machinist vises used with angle plates to ensure proper milling.  NO piece of rod used as a guide. Once axles holes are drilled, our block returns to the CNC router to finish the slot portion of the car so that the axle can be visually inspected all the way down the tip.  Once that process is complete.  We drill weight holes, and then cut the rough profile by hand.  Slap it the Shaping CNC router. Once completed, final sanding with belt and orbital sander, car is weighted with lead, and then wood putty to cover imperfections.   Measured for weight, excess removed.  Then our tech, installs axles and wheels to ensure that the kit performs as guaranteed.  Once its passes inspection, it is sanded one last time and then packaged for you. 


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Pinewood Derby ® Wheels and Axles

My proven and tested theory shows that you can get the most of of your Pinewood Derby ® car with my Pinewood Derby ® speed axles and Pinewood Derby ® speed wheels while still being 100% legal ! Complete Sets with axles, wheels, cotton applicators, gap gauge, and dry graphite lube. Speeds measured at bottom of curve reaching 17fps with speeds of up to 15.5fps at the last 10 feet of track.
Top speeds are achieved with lighter wheels. Go as light as your rules allow!


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