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AWANA® Pinewood Derby Car Kit


Fast Pinewood derby kits! Awana® Club Grand Prix-compliant, pinewood derby car. Before your purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need. Kits are NOT assembled ready to race.

Look at ourfeedback. See how many people WON!

The blocks are 7″ length. All kits are 1.75″ in width. All kits have a minimum ground clearance of 3/8″ . All kits are under 1.25″ in height unless stated otherwise.

Awana® is a registered trademark of Awana Clubs International.  Derby Dust® is not in any way affiliated with Awana Clubs International.

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Choose 3 wheel center rail riding car or all 4 wheel touching car.

Choose Rail Riding or not

Weighted to 4.80oz
Tungsten Putty provided for final weight
Foil Tape provided to cover weight hole
BSA Slots predrilled straight
Gap Guage


anoacrylate Glue (i.e. Super Glue, we prefer glue called FUSION glue)Fr Cyanoacrylate Glue (i.e. Super Glue, we prefer glue called FUSION glReady to race Wheels – Wheel polish kit provided if you want to make it go even faster.  Can upgrade wheels for even faster cars. Polished and Prep Available.  Learn More about our wheel selection here.

Ready to race Axles -Straighten, burrs removed, polished ready for dry lube. 100K axles ready to leave them in the Dust!

KRial Riding kit  comes with 3x 2.5 degree axles, 1x 1.5 degree axle.  2.5 for the rears, and your choice of steer.  use the remaining axle with bend pointed in the up direction to make it a 3 wheel rider.  4-wheel riders, visit here

For tuning:  a treadmill or tuning board, axle pliers, or get the axles slotted for adjustments with a flathead screw driver.

Tuning:  Please Youtube.  Our method or someone else.  There are many methods with nearly same results.  Choose what best suits you, but you will have to tune.


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Pinewood Derby ® Wheels and Axles

My proven and tested theory shows that you can get the most of of your Pinewood Derby ® car with my Pinewood Derby ® speed axles and Pinewood Derby ® speed wheels while still being 100% legal ! Complete Sets with axles, wheels, cotton applicators, gap gauge, and dry graphite lube. Speeds measured at bottom of curve reaching 17fps with speeds of up to 15.5fps at the last 10 feet of track.
Top speeds are achieved with lighter wheels. Go as light as your rules allow!


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