I have decided to offer a service free of charge! I am willing to time trial your car for free. I will take a video of it, post it on you tube from opening the package, to putting it on the track and running it 3 times to let you see what your car can do. I will provide you with documentation of 4 points on our track. Bottom of curve (Rate of acceleration). At mid track (rate of deceleration). Finally, at finish line. What does this all mean? It will tell you how your car compares to averages of EVERYONE that we documented.

There is no contest. There is no Prize. There is just free market data. Then you can do all that research on how to improve start times or the straight away. 

THE CATCH: All you need to do is provided funds for return shipping. You want your car back, right? $6 pays for return priority mail. Give me about 3 days to complete. Will give me time to tape and post. Who else offers this service for free? I charge NOTHING for this service. Just pay for return shipping!

Will I fix your car? I now offer tuning service. Tuning costs starts at $60 which includes polishing axles, wheels, and getting the car tuned to the top performance based on wheel weight. Extra costs may incur if you would like upgrades. Will be discussed prior to build. 

If I can’t get the car to run to my minimium standards, then I will email you recommendations and suggestions, i.e. wheel and axle replacement, etc. Some cars are not fixable. Please unerstand that. 


If you glue in your axles, there will be a minimum charge of$125 to work on your car. It will cover the above services. Yes it is that big of pain and takes up way too much time as axles have to be extracted. slots filled in with compund, then redrilled to accept new axles. 

Break in process After your tuning is complete, we will run your car through a break-in process to simulate around 300 races. 

If you are in a hurry, meaning you have less than a weeks turn around to get your car, there will be an addtional $100hassle charge to tune your car.

So $100 hassle charge plus $125 glue axle job = $225 car plus shipping back to you. YES I AM DEAD SERIOUS. 

Meaning your emergency that now becomes my crisis will cost you more. If I am not going to sleep, I am going to get paid for not sleeping.