Fast Winning BSA Pinewood Derby Cars Weight Reduced Wheels

Fast Winning BSA Pinewood Derby Cars Weight Reduced Wheels.   Please check your rules! Please Check your Rules!  Don’t blame us!   These wheels weight around 1.5g per wheel and will flex when squeezed.  The lighter wheels will give numerous car lengths advantage over the best build factory weight wheels.  These cars will NOT pass inspection for the NYC races.

We offer 2 types of light weight wheels. Charlie Bravo which have all factory dimensions and lettering.  CB will pass the 1.180″ test outer diameter wheel check!

Black Op’s Wheels which have a little more lathe work done to them to get a little bit more speed.  Black Op’s have an outer diameter of 1.174″ Will pass the 1.170″ test, will fail the 1.180″ test.

These wheels also have had the inner portion of the wheel machined with CNC.  ALL lettering is present. Full tread width is present. Meaning the factory distance from the front to back. This will pass the .360″ test.

The cars will always run sub 3.0 on a 42ft best trak.